Pictometry On The Go!

Did you know that you can access Pictometry’s high-resolution aerial imagery from your smartphone or tablet?  The CONNECTMobile™ app provides the same features that you are used to using on your computer. Search an address and be instantly presented with the best image of that location. Zoom in on aRead More

Pictometry CONNECTMobile

County Discovers $40 Million in New Value

Brian Tiesman, Assessor for Carroll County, Iowa, was adamant when presenting the benefits his county would receive by engaging Pictometry, an EagleView company, to provide aerial imagery and data. He shared not only the overall benefits of aerial imagery with his board but also the amazing return on investment (ROI)Read More

Carroll County

Converse County Manages Rapid Growth Using Pictometry Aerial Imagery

With a diverse amount of land in Converse County, Wyoming, it’s nearly impossible to access every parcel. Converse County is rural, covering a geographic area of 2.7 million acres and over 4,200 square miles. From flatlands and national forests to residential and mountainous regions, field visits can be demanding. WhenRead More

converse county

Town Leads State in Technology for Assessment

A township that covers 26.7 square miles with approximately 8,000 parcels would not seem a likely candidate for needing aerial imagery in the eyes of some jurisdictions. But when you are the Town of Smithfield, Rhode Island the town officials had big dreams that included utilizing the power of technologyRead More

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ChangeFinder™ Helped Town of Southampton add Millions to Tax Rolls

Located on South Fork of Long Island, the Town of Southampton is known for beautiful beaches, spectacular homes and thriving tourism. For town assessor Lisa Goree, it also means a lot of properties that are gated or only occupied during the summer months. Visual inspection is important for any assessmentRead More

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Endless Possibilities for 3D Modeling

Pictometry is a leader in developing photorealistic 3D models in many industries, but most recently those businesses in infrastructure are finding it to be more and more important to see photorealistic representation of their assets. Whether captured by a traditional aircraft or a drone, Pictometry’s high-resolution ortho and oblique imageryRead More

Jim Murray discusses 3D models for infrastructure

Vegetation Solutions for Less at DistribuTECH

Visit booth 3930 at DistribuTECH to learn how Pictometry® delivers a low-cost, 3D view of your ROWs to solve your most pressing issues. The authoritative data provides answers to line clearances and is sufficient to deliver quality as-built information of the line. Learn more at www.eagleview.com/infrastructure

Canadian Roofing Contractors benefit from EagleView Extended Coverage

When selling a high-end roofing product like Armadura Metal Roofs, roofing contractors need to incorporate high-end sales and marketing into their processes.  And when it is a specialty product featuring interlocking metal pieces they need to be ahead of the production curve using technology not only for sales but whenRead More

Don’t Let the Deep Freeze End your Roofing Season

The deep freeze of November 2014 has many areas of the country blanketed in not just inches but several feet of snow.  In days gone by a deep freeze meant a shutdown in business for roofing companies but the times are changing.  The only present work on the roof mayRead More