EagleView’s Software Measures Rooftops With Photos From the Sky

John Tozzi reports, “EagleView patches together detailed roof renderings using aerial photos from public sources, such as county land records, or private databases. Its software matches up edges, colors, and shapes to create a three-dimensional image of the roof.”  This article explores the benefits of using EagleView’s report and avoidingRead More

Texas Construction Company Uses EagleView to Increase Sales Closing Rate by 20 Percent

Charles Terry, owner of Charles Terry Construction in Midland, TX, recalled when he first learned about EagleView two years ago. “Someone from EagleView called me to tell me about what it could do for my business, and I didn’t really understand how it could help,” explains Terry. His curiosity wonRead More

EagleView will be Making Connections in the Heart of the Midwest at the 62nd Annual MRCA Conference in Rosemont, IL Oct. 26-28, 2011.

Booth 218 is the place to be at the 62nd Annual MRCA Conference. Visit EagleView to check out our revolutionary pricing program, customized report covers and other enhanced features that will help contractors streamline the roofing job lifecycle and increase profitability. EagleView uses proprietary, patent-pending software to provide a roofRead More