One Crucial Resource for Assessors Handling Property Tax Disputes

Assessment professionals are responsible for appraising properties within their districts for accurate, fair, and equitable values. This ensures that each property owner pays just the right amount to the local tax rolls in order to secure adequate funds for local public school districts, public safety, public works, and other essentialRead More

Is this store worth the same amount as one in operation?

4 Stressful Scenarios Assessors Avoid with Pictometry® Imagery

The International Association of Assessing Officers allows assessment and appraisal departments to use remote aerial imagery and other tools to levy property taxes. Yet many assessment offices don’t realize this and still visit each property on foot, despite the many advantages remote assessment can offer. Pictometry® Intelligent Images® from EagleViewRead More


What Can Imagery Do for Oil and Gas Infrastructure?

This June, President Obama signed the PIPES Act of 2016, also referred to as the SAFE PIPES Act, into law. The legislation, according to, “gives the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) new regulatory authority over operators of the United States’ nearly 3 millionRead More


Agent of Change: Wood Buffalo

Last year, EagleView highlighted five Agents of Change in the United States and Canada in our Portfolio of Change. Agents of Change are assessment and GIS professionals who have leveraged the power of their Pictometry® aerial imagery by implementing ChangeFinder™ technology. ChangeFinder helps communities like Wood Buffalo identify and manageRead More

wood buffalo aoc

Agent of Change: Fairfax County, Virginia

A neighbor to the nation’s capital, Fairfax County, Virginia, is made up of 407 square miles and a population of 1.12 million people.  Highly developed from the 1960s through the 1980s the county has 352,910 taxable parcels and relatively little undeveloped land available.  When change happens, it’s often going toRead More

Fairfax County CONNECTAssessment

EagleView Captures Post-event Pictometry Imagery Following Alberta, Canada Wildfires

(Bothell, Wash., May 17, 2016) – EagleView Technology Corporation, a leading technology provider of aerial imagery, data analytics and GIS solutions, announced that it has flown and captured high-resolution ortho and oblique Pictometry imagery of a 92-square kilometer area in Alberta, Canada following the recent wildfires. Imagery was captured onRead More

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CONNECT™ Your County Agency!

Did you know that Pictometry’s CONNECT™ web-based platform provides access to your image library that can be shared across multiple departments? Here are some ways that departments across your jurisdiction can benefit from access to the high-resolution aerial imagery and analytical tools offered through CONNECT. ASSESSORS AND APPRAISERS Time andRead More


Celebrating Agents of Change

By: Alex Hepp, Director of Assessment   For over 15 years, Pictometry has worked closely with assessors to understand their challenges and develop solutions that allow them to perform their duties in the most effective and efficient fashion. Our high-resolution imagery and desktop solutions have allowed assessors to reduce theRead More

Pictometry® Changes Perspective for Iowa County

When first introduced to Pictometry® Intelligent Imagery®, Linda Griggs, assessor, and Liz Kriegel, deputy assessor, for Iowa County, Iowa were not familiar of the benefits of the technology. Pictometry flew the county in 2009 through a grant with five other counties in the state; however, the imagery wasn’t readily utilizedRead More

Iowa County

Fairfax County, VA First in the U.S. to Implement Pictometry CONNECTAssessment™

Fairfax County, VA is one of the several counties surrounding Washington D.C. and is home to a population of 1.12 million. With 407 sq. miles and 352,910 taxable parcels, staying on top of change can be difficult, especially when those parcels aren’t easily accessible. Larry Mackereth, Assistant Director for ResidentialRead More

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