4 Stressful Scenarios Assessors Avoid with Pictometry Imagery

The International Association of Assessing Officers allows assessment and appraisal departments to use remote aerial imagery and other tools to levy property taxes. Yet many assessment offices don’t realize this and still visit each property on foot, despite the many advantages remote assessment can offer. Pictometry® Intelligent Images® from EagleViewRead More


CONNECT™ from anywhere at any time!

While it’s ideal to view your Pictometry® Intelligent Imagery® from your desk, every now and then a field visit may be required. With the CONNECTMobile™ app, you can CONNECT from any iOS or Android smartphone or tablet. Pan and zoom around your Pictometry high-resolution imagery, use the measurement tools toRead More

Pictometry On The Go!

Did you know that you can access Pictometry’s high-resolution aerial imagery from your smartphone or tablet?  The CONNECTMobile™ app provides the same features that you are used to using on your computer. Search an address and be instantly presented with the best image of that location. Zoom in on aRead More

Pictometry CONNECTMobile

CONNECTMobile™ is now available for Android™

Android users now have the ability to access Pictometry® Intelligent Images® with PictometryOnline™ functionality and analytical tools for enhanced visualization, analysis and communication from the field on any Android device. The launch of this app combined with a recent update to the iOS app offers enhanced navigation, the ability to view images basedRead More