One Simple Profit-Boosting Solution for Contractors

The Contractor’s Dilemma For many contractors, performing a roofing estimate means spending hours on a potential job site to measure the roof and sketch it out. But that’s time that could be spent visiting more customers – and since time is money, that’s also a loss of sales and profit.Read More

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‘What the Hail?’ Part 2: Repairing Hailstorm Damage

Last week we discussed the effects of hail in terms of property damage and insurance claims. Hailstorms can result in millions of dollars in damage to homes and commercial properties, and they are hazardous to vehicles left outside. While the costs associated with hailstorm damage are covered by most insuranceRead More

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Marketing Makeover: Evaluating the Sales Process

By Heidi Ellsworth, EVP marketing and Karen Edwards, marketing director In the first Marketing Makeover column, we began to share ideas, strategies and samples from success stories around the country that provided thought-provoking questions and exercises management teams could use to breathe new life into their sales and marketing programs.Read More

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Marketing Makeover: Getting Started with a Marketing Plan

By Heidi Ellsworth, EVP marketing and Karen Edwards, marketing director The days of relying upon a Yellow Pages ad to promote your business are long gone. In today’s market, contractors need to understand and utilize the latest marketing trends to be successful. For many years, we’ve had the pleasure ofRead More

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Roofing State of the Industry 2015

EagleView’s CEO, Chris Barrow, participated in Roofing Contractor Magazine’s 2015 State of the Industry Report, providing input on the role of technology in the industry.  He says a trend to look for is that of manufacturers and distributors stepping up to make access to technology partners even easier for contractors.Read More