Everyone Deserves Peace of Mind

Worrying about the accuracy of your roof measurements should be the last thing on your mind and that of your customer. By using EagleView measurements, derived from high-resolution aerial imagery, you can be confident that you have the most accurate measurements possible, resulting in less error and a more efficientRead More


The EagleView App is New & Improved

We’re happy to introduce the new, improved and functional EagleView iOS mobile app (iPhone & iPad) available in the app store today! You spoke and we listened! Grabbing your EagleView report while on the go has never been more efficient. This app gives you: The ability to create an account,Read More

3 Reasons to Use Solar Design Tools

Solar, Solar, Solar: the word is everywhere recently, right? We hear about solar energy charging our cars, cell phones and, of course, homes. So much is happening with solar right now that, for contractors who haven’t dabbled in the solar market yet, it may be time for them to getRead More

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Easy Does It With Our New Residential Blueprint Takeoffs

On a daily basis you deal with stress on the job caused by a variety of factors including the weather, job planning, crew scheduling and closing sales. One thing you shouldn’t have to stress over is deciphering blueprints and converting them into roof measurements. Blueprints can be chaotic to read,Read More

EagleView Blueprint Takeoff

Out with PictometryOnline™ and in with CONNECTExplorer™

PictometryOnline™ is retiring later this year! Not to worry though because it’s being replaced by our faster and more exciting CONNECTExplorer™ platform! We know what you’re thinking- ‘so what’s new and different about CONNECTExplorer?’ To start, it’s a more user-friendly experience and gives you capabilities you simply can’t get withRead More

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The Top Five Reasons Joining a Roofing Association Can Benefit Your Business

What are industry associations? How much do they cost? What do they do for me? All of these questions are completely relevant to a contractor. You might be thinking, “If I’m doing well on my own, why should I pay to continue doing well?” Here’s something to think about: isRead More

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Contractor Uses EagleView Construct™ Technology To Manage Rapid Growth

High Performance Homes, a rapidly growing, full-service home improvement company headquartered in Vancouver, Washington, consistently searches for new ways to improve its business processes. The company recognized the need to implement technology solutions in order to manage its rapid growth while continuing to deliver the quality installations and service theirRead More


Pictometry User Groups (PUGs)

PUG is short for Pictometry User Group, a learning day featuring presentations, trainings and demonstrations that is typically hosted by one of our county customers. Attending a PUG is a unique opportunity to learn how your county peers are using Pictometry products. The day provides an interactive environment to shareRead More

Podcast: Aerial Imagery in the Solar Industry

EagleView Technologies is well-known for their 3D models as well as roof and wall measurements commonly used in the insurance, government and construction industries, but how does the use of aerial imagery in the solar industry come into play? Solar energy implementation is becoming increasingly popular, cutting back on electricRead More

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